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Welcome to your tenant’s page of supporting information called Tenant Aware.
Whether you are an experienced renter or new to the rental market, your landlord and letting agent has legal and moral responsibilities to ensure you and your family are safe in your home.
Dealing with your landlord or letting agent can be a daunting experience for some people. NRAC UK has helped thousands of tenants.

As a tenant you face daily issues, for example:

  • If I complain will I get evicted?

  • My boiler doesn’t work, is it my responsibility to get it fixed?

  • My letting agent isn’t returning my calls. What should I do?

  • I think the mould in my child’s bedroom is causing his breathing problems but my landlord say’s it’s nothing to do with him. What are my options?

  • My fridge hasn’t worked for months, I’m packing it with bags of ice from the supermarket and I can’t afford a new one. Can you help?

  • The local council haven’t emptied the communal bins for weeks and I’ve seen rats outside my front door. Is it legal? Who should I complain to?

NRAC UK has successfully dealt with all these problems and more on behalf of tenants, easing tensions and worries for them.
We believe that by working together the physical and mental wellbeing of tenants will be greatly improved, the letting industry will continue to ethically develop and grow in a responsible way and that landlords run their business legally and with the minimum of fuss.

The NRAC UK Shield supports tenants and provides a Tenant Aware Pack as part of this service.

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