Project Description

Tenant Safe

Is a specialist unique campaign that has been pulled together through a partnership programme with The University of Edinburgh, PCA health and safety, The London Fire Brigade, The Risk Aware Foundation. It has studied extensively the facts surrounding your legal duties and studied all of the UK’s letting foundation and what they say to you the member.

Tenants dealing with their letting agent or landlord can be a daunting experience for some. There are many issues between tenants and letting agents and landlords. NRAC UK provide the tenant with an unparalleled service to help them overcome such difficulties again supporting you the landlord and letting agent under your duty of care legal requirements.

NRAC UK is an independent company focused on improving the health and wellbeing of the tenants themselves providing you the landlord with a wide range of value add services reducing your costs and improving your annual yield.

We work with letting agents as long as the letting agent passes a set criteria of NRAC UKs before we work with them.

Our service is qualitative, not quantitative and we focus on reducing risk and improving health.

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