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What is NRAC UK

The National Risk Assessment Centre UK is an ethically-led organisation with the aim of working with lettings agents and landlords to improve the health and well being of tenants, while saving your client’s money and potential legal proceedings. We reduce the everyday issues faced by the lettings industry.

NRAC UK Shield stops these issues happening because we have carried out an annual property inspection covering ALL aspects of the legal requirements for Gas Safe, Legionella Safe, HHSRS Safe and Tenant Safe.

  • Gas safety

  • Carbon monoxide

  • PAT testing

  • Legionella bacteria

  • Mould and damp risk assessments

We can include energy performance certificates and lag pipes where necessary.

NRAC UK assessors will also carry out fire alarm/smoke detector tests and provide batteries free of charge if required at the time of inspection.

What makes NRAC UK different?

Our highly-qualified team of dedicated risk assessors are fully trained to identify any essential property improvements to improve living conditions for your tenant and thereby protecting your landlord.

Above all, we genuinely care about the health and wellbeing of individuals and families who rent their homes. We work in partnership with the authorities such as the NHS and the Greater London Fire Brigade to make continuous improvements to the industry, reducing the costs to the NHS through improved health and wellbeing.

Why Use NRAC UK Shield?

NRAC Shield is your ‘one-stop’ service.

We ensure you and your landlords are protected from ever-changing government legislation.

We help protect your landlords from those everyday problems that come with renting a home, ensuring they do not lead to greater and more costly problems later.

To date there have been fines of over £35m imposed on lettings agents and landlords for properties that are simply not managed well, for instance:

  • Cracked toilet seats

  • Mould and damp

  • Lack of risk assessments

  • Tenant’s health and well being issues

  • Poorly equipped kitchens and bathrooms

NRAC UK provides support and documentation free of charge to ensure you and your landlord are compliant and, as a business, you will save money and time when dealing with issues that arise.

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