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Legionella Safe Tenant 1st

The letting industry is awash with confusion surrounding Legionella.

Here are the facts.

  • You as a landlord must have a legionella risk assessment carried out on your property and have it reviewed regularly.

  • HSE state this should be regularly and further into their document they suggest it be done with the annual gas safe inspection.

  • HSE are not your advisor they support any legal complaint and scrutinise the documentation to see if the landlord has complied with the law.

  • HSE is not there to help you reduce your liability.

  • As a customer of NRAC UK you have access to these documents for free.

  • You can carry out a risk assessment yourself but you must have a set of procedures in place at all times with recorded evidence.

  • You also must have an educational service for your tenants to adhere to and have this logged at all times.

  • YOU DO NOT NEED A WATER TEST they are different and must not be confused. If you are paying for a water test you are wasting your money.

  • If you are a member of an association it is highly likely that your association is profiteering from you for this area of risk requirement and or do not fully understand the law. We can advise you accordingly.

  • You should be aware that water borne pathogens is on the increase and there is a lot of research going on to identify the levels of illness derived from water.

  • If your tenant becomes ill it may well be from the water hygiene in the property itself and if you do not have the correct criteria in place you may be held liable.

Legionella Safe Tenants 1st covers off all of the legal requirements and undertakes to educate the tenant on water hygiene reducing your risk down and supporting you as a landlord.

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