Project Description


The National Risk Assessment Centre can provide a comprehensive risk managed shield service for landlords embracing all aspects of the health and wellbeing of your tenants who rent your property.

NRAC UK Shield covers all of your legal obligations under the HHSRS, HSE and local government requirements. It will enable you to be at ease knowing that an annual property inspection has included testing for fire alarms, Legionella bacteria, damp and mould, tenant health and wellbeing and electrical safety.

Without this all being in place and managed, landlords face huge risks when letting their properties.

Tenants’ legal rights are on the increase, supported by the local authority, and unless all compliance obligations are seen to be identified by an independent risk assessment, and addressed by the landlord, landlords may be exposed to prosecution.

Our aim is to ensure our landlords and properties that have been subject to our comprehensive and rigorous NRAC UK assessments, are compliant with the law. We work with lettings agents across the country to develop and maintain best practice for the industry.

Even if you have a lettings agent looking after your property management services, we recommend you undertake this service to provide a safeguard to both your tenant and the property.

In summary, protection, peace of mind and all in one certification for your property and tenants needs.

NRAC UK Subsidy

In addition to the risk assessment itself, the plan includes low-level remedial works, often carried out either at no extra charge or subsidised by NRAC UK (see list of subsidies below), and also satisfies the legal requirement for the tenant’s ongoing duty of care via the provision of a Tenant Information Pack (required by law), that will be supplied to your tenant on a regular basis. The service also includes site visits and records maintenance and there will be no additional charge if the tenant is not in at the time of the arranged visit. Also included is the opportunity to apply for up to a 7% subsidy towards a bathroom and kitchen refit if this is required.

What is the subsidy and how can we benefit from it?

We at NRAC UK, believe passionately, together with other organisations we work with such as the NHS, Fire Authorities and local authorities, that tenants’ safety should take precedence when letting properties. However, we also understand the difficulties landlords face when trying to fully understand their legal duties to let a safe and decent home.

For this reason, NRAC UK has put together a unique support package that brings landlords a wide range of helpful and supportive services at no extra charge to them. For example, this unique support package can cover the cost for replacement fridge freezers/faulty white goods or remedial repairs required from damp and mould. It can also cover other areas under the HHSRS that will help improve the living conditions of tenants. This is dealt with on a case by case basis and is at the discretion of NRAC.

The NRAC UK subsidy is a fund that has been created and is managed solely by NRAC. A percentage of every risk assessment carried out by NRAC UK is placed in to an escrow account only to be used, at our discretion, for upgrading properties that fall below the legal criteria. This ensures that landlords remain on the right side of the law and at the same time meet their legal duties under their ongoing duty of care.

List of subsidies and what is provided under this comprehensive one-stop shop suite of services:

  • Gas Safety: Annual Gas Safety Certification with up to a 7% subsidy towards the cost of bringing gas appliances up to the correct standard if required and if certain criteria are met to qualify for the subsidy.
  • Legionella Disease: Annual Certification with up to a 15% subsidy towards costs of complying with water hygiene legislation if at riskand if certain criteria are met to qualify for the subsidy.
  • Fire alarms/smoke detectors: Annual Certification and 100% subsidy should smoke alarms be required.
  • Carbon Dioxide Alarm: Annual Certification 100% subsidy should CO alarms be required new ones will be supplied.
  • Damp and Mould: Annual Certification such as mild shower-based mould or damp bedrooms if carried out by an NRAC accredited employee. Anything outside this remit is subject to survey and third-party supplier approved by NRAC.
  • Housing Health & Safety Rating Annual Certification provided
  • Tenant Property Education: included in NRAC package.
  • Regular Duty of Care support for tenants: included in NRAC package.
  • EPC reports: Certification included when applicable.

Tenant Education and Support

All tenants of flats included in the plan will receive a Tenant Information Pack and bi-monthly support educating and assisting them in their duties, such as bleaching shower heads, running water before drinking, testing the smoke detectors etc.

All communication with tenants will be recorded and will be available to the flat owners.

In terms of tenant health and wellbeing, the plan will include dealing with issues such as, but not limited to, damp, broken toilet seats, broken cookers, poor lighting, poor quality carpets and décor, either free of charge or part subsidised by NRAC should your circumstances qualify. Reports will be provided to the Landlord and recommendations and suggestions provided for remedial works.

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