Project Description

Damp Safe Tenant 1st

Damp and mould cost the UK taxpayers hundreds of millions of pounds a year. In fact, ill health derived from poorly maintained let properties cost the NHS £600 million per annum (source NHS) 

An NRAC property inspection works on repairing damp and mould at low level and undertakes to educate the tenant on how to manage damp and mould themselves. This greatly improves the property and the health of the tenants.

Because we put your tenant 1st we work with them to educate them on what they can do themselves, we also provide training to your letting agent staff on improved communication between the tenant and the letting agent.

Illness from a poorly let property is unnecessary and in breach of the law.

We work together with the NHS, Shelter, The Fire Brigade, the University of Edinburgh, PCA health and safety to keep improving the legal support you need as a landlord.

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