Project Description

NRAC UK Accreditation

We have our own accreditation for Legionella and Tenant Safe and ensure that all our employees and/or contractors have the relevant key qualifications shown above before we engage their services.

All NRAC UK employed staff are required to undertake psychometric testing and an exam.

When they successfully complete this process, only then will they will be fully trained to carry-out risk managed services.

This means all landlords under the NRAC UK cover service are legally compliant. NRAC UK also goes further and will make improvements to areas of the property deemed to be at risk.

All our risk assessors have Gas Safe, Legionella Safe, Damp and Mould Safe, HHSRS Safe, Carbon Safe accreditation.

Only through an NRAC UK covered service can you be fully compliant and receive these benefits to improve standards in the UK domestic lettings industry.

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