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Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018

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NRAC UK Shield

The National Risk Assessment Centre can provide a comprehensive risk managed shield service for landlords embracing all aspects of the health and wellbeing of the tenants who rent your property.

NRAC Shield covers all of your legal obligations under the HHSRS, HSE and local government requirements. It will enable you to be at ease knowing that an annual property inspection has included testing for fire alarms, Legionella bacteria, damp and mould, tenant health and wellbeing and electrical safety.


Tenants’ legal rights are on the increase, supported by the local authority, and unless all compliance obligations are seen to be identified by an independent risk assessment, and addressed by the landlord, landlords may be exposed to prosecution.

Our aim is to ensure our landlords and properties that have been subject to our comprehensive and rigorous NRAC UK assessments, are compliant with the law. We work with lettings agents across the country to develop and maintain best practice for the industry.

Even if you have a lettings agent looking after your property management services, we recommend you undertake this service to provide a safeguard to both your tenant and the property.

In summary, protection, peace of mind and all in one certification for your property and tenants needs.

The National Risk Assessment Centre

The one-stop shop for all landlords & lettings agents regulatory and legal obligations

The National Risk Assessment Centre Limited working to improve property conditions in the domestic lettings industry.

  • Improve tenant’s health and wellbeing

  • Improve landlord’s annual rental income through centralised risk managed services (one-stop shop)

  • Improve governance in the sector as a whole

  • Ensuring your properties are safe and brighter, improving living conditions, which can positively contribute to the health and wellbeing of the tenant

We support the lettings agent with staff training, compliant services and improved revenues whilst at the same time reducing costs to the landlords.

All our lettings agents are fully vetted and must meet the NRAC UK compliance criteria.

We work with the Health Services, London Fire Brigade, the LCA and the Academic Sector, to drive forward a centrally managed, compliant, lower cost risk assessment service.

Why Use NRAC UK Shield?

We ensure you and your landlords are protected from ever changing government legislation.
To ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of your tenants are met.
To help protect your landlords from those everyday problems that come with renting a home and ensuring they do not lead to greater and more costly problems later.

  • Improve your income

  • Decrease your costs for annual risk assessments

  • Decrease your legal risks

  • Improve your peace of mind

  • Support Tenant Aware and be a responsible landlord

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